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Category Archives: Special Collections

The library collections include print, non-print and electronic materials. These materials support classes, research and general interest reading and viewing/listening interests of the community of learners at MBCC. Materials can be located by keyword, subject, author, title, or other search strategies using the library catalogue. In addition to the books, CDs, and DVDs contained in the library, there is a wide range of periodicals (magazines and journals) and past papers in both paper and electronic form covering popular interests, general research and more scholarly research.

Reserved Book Collection

The Reserved Book Collection exists to ensure access to Reserved Collection materials for student use.  The heavy use of items in this collection is accommodated through very short loan periods and, sometimes, the requirement that materials be used in the library. Each of the college’s campus libraries maintains a reserve collection.

Items in this area are available for three or two hour loan and in some cases overnight, two day or weekend loan. Items borrowed for overnight loan or two day must be returned by 10:30am the next day. Weekend loan begins on Fridays for day school and Thursday for evening school and must be returned before 10:30am on the Monday of the   following week. Failure to comply will results in fines.


Library members may borrow a maximum of two reserved collection items at a time for two or three hours. Items may be taken out of the Library. Selected Reserved Collection titles can also be borrowed be either one or two day loans.  Students who do not have a valid MBCC ID will not be issued any item. Students are permitted to borrow up to two items from this collection, a dictionary and any other title; dictionaries are not available for take home loans.



Renewing                                If there are no conflicting bookings (request) on items, clients may renew their Reserved Collection loans for one additional period.



Returning items                 

Reserved Collection items should be returned to the designated Reserved Collection returns area of the library where you borrowed the item. ID cards are returned upon successful completion of this task; once the user has not incurred any library fines or penalties.


Penalties for overdue items   

Failing to return Reserved Collection material promptly inconveniences other users. Items not returned stipulated loan period will incur penalties.

                                                Hourly loans   $40.00 per hour

                                                Take loans       $100.00 per day except Sundays and public holidays. 

Journal & Magazine Collection

The library’s serials collection contains serials produced by various scholarly institutions, both local and international. The Serials Collection consists of current periodicals and bound serials and annuals reports. Bound serials and current periodicals are shelved in separate stacks. Current periodicals are located at the periodical racks while the bound serials are shelved on compact shelves. Owing to lack of space, bound serials are only kept for one year from the publication date. The collection includes printed copies, some with electronic versions in some cases. Materials in the Serials Collection are for use in the Library Only and is not available for circulation.

Research Paper Collection

The library has a small number of print copies of research papers written by bachelors students enrolled in all CCCJ programmes.  The library aims to showcase, disseminate and manage these papers, making them publicly available to all members of the College community. These papers are available in circulation for access by all patrons.


The collection consists of only final drafts which have attained a B+ or higher average. Submission receipt must be completed by both students and lecture before turning in paper.  Students will retain copyright and other ownership rights.



Vertical Files

The Subject Vertical Files Collection consists of approximately 8,500 folders containing ephemeral materials such as flyers, handbills, leaflets, and clippings on a variety of topics centered on radical history and social protest. Each folder is named with a topical descriptor, most of which take the form of a subject heading like one of the following:


The vertical file contains clippings, pamphlets, reprints, and other miscellaneous materials relating to persons, places, organizations, and topical subjects relating to all courses and programmes of study at the college.

General Collection

The general circulating collection exists primarily to support all courses and programs offered at the college. Included are professional materials, supplementary readings and fiction titles. As need is demonstrated, materials in related to higher education will be acquired. Specialized titles of advanced research, highly technical books of limited interest, and dissertations/theses are not usually acquired for this collection. All titles in this collection are available for loan periods not exceeding five days.